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Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts

Independence Pass Press is an independent book publisher based in Massachusetts. Our premier publication, Grandpa’s Gift, is an illustrated children’s book set at a dude ranch in Wyoming. Grandpa is a storyteller. On a camp-out with his grandson, Grandpa tells a story that includes cowboys, horses, cattle ranching, Native Americans (Utes), all while observing the sky as it transitions from sunset, to the first evening stars (Jupiter and Venus), to the Big Dipper, and finally to a once-in-a-lifetime viewing of a spectacular comet. The books natural history themes are enhanced by beautiful watercolor illustrations that convey the grandeur of the American West. 

Grandpa's Gift


Announcing the publication of Grandpa’s Gift —
a children’s book for all ages!

Grandpa's Gift

One magical summer night in the Medicine Bow Mountains of Wyoming, a grandfather and his 10-year-old grandson, Leo, camp out under the stars on a high plateau with a 360-degree view of the horizon. Grandpa is a storyteller. Through his stories, he introduces Leo to a past he never knew, a present more wondrous than anything he could ever imagine, and a future that will inspire him in untold ways.

Grandpa’s Gift celebrates the importance of storytelling as a way to honor family histories and connect us to cultural and natural forces much larger than ourselves. And, it is a love letter to the American West.

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